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Hello, My name is Tracey. I am a wife, sister, daughter, and mother of three. I have taken photos of my children and family members for years. My love for photography became a passion when I received my first 35mm SLR from my wonderful husband for my 1st Mothers Day. Nothing captures a moment in time like a photograph. It is my desire to capture images that reflect life's moments as you remember it.


Thomas is our first born son. He loves to swim, ride bikes, skate board, and body board. He loves to read and does well in school. He was named after my Dad. He is known as "The Ladies Man" at school. Chicks dig him!


Tyler is our "smiley" second child. He is very loving and sweet. His tries to use his smile to keep him out of trouble. He enjoys riding his bike, making sand castles, skate boarding, and sports. His smiling face will win your heart.


Tanner is our baby of the family. He loves to play with his big brothers and will try (and most of the time succeed) to do everything that his big brothers do! He has the funniest expressions. He is a good little fellow and a Mama's Boy.

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Oh a Camping we will go....

The time is almost here! The boys are so excited - and so am I! We will be leaving this Friday for a 9 day camping trip with 22 of our closest friends! Yes I said 22 so you add my family that makes 27! Sounds like fun - huh??????
We will have a great time! My friend Bobbie Jo, is the Organizing Queen! She planned a menu so we all are eating basically the same meals. We will cook and eat together. It is so nice to just relax with our families and friends. We are really lucky to have such a big family.
Speaking of luck, my friend
Kim Ponzi is watching my boys every other week now. My Mom takes care of them too. I am so lucky to have both of them to help me out. Kim helps me sooo much! She is one of the nicest people I have ever met (aside from my Mom-she is the most kind hearted person that has ever walked this earth - some people see that has an opportunity to take advantage of her - but that is another story). Kim spoils me - bad. But I LIKE it! She brings her kiddos over and the boys have a blast! They LOVE Madison and Lee. She cleans like there is no tomorrow - see I told you she spoils me!!!
The Boys are going to stay over and Grammy & Grandpa's house tonight. Frank and I will get busy packing the camper. We have to get finished up so we can roll on Friday!!!

I will check back in soon.

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Kim said...

Thank you Tracey. That is so sweet what you said about me. I am so happy to be able to watch the boys for you. And I am so lucky to have a friend like you. I hope you guys have a good time and be safe please.

love kim
see you when you get back