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Hello, My name is Tracey. I am a wife, sister, daughter, and mother of three. I have taken photos of my children and family members for years. My love for photography became a passion when I received my first 35mm SLR from my wonderful husband for my 1st Mothers Day. Nothing captures a moment in time like a photograph. It is my desire to capture images that reflect life's moments as you remember it.


Thomas is our first born son. He loves to swim, ride bikes, skate board, and body board. He loves to read and does well in school. He was named after my Dad. He is known as "The Ladies Man" at school. Chicks dig him!


Tyler is our "smiley" second child. He is very loving and sweet. His tries to use his smile to keep him out of trouble. He enjoys riding his bike, making sand castles, skate boarding, and sports. His smiling face will win your heart.


Tanner is our baby of the family. He loves to play with his big brothers and will try (and most of the time succeed) to do everything that his big brothers do! He has the funniest expressions. He is a good little fellow and a Mama's Boy.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

No Words Needed

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Official Kindergartener

Tyler started Kindergarten today! He was such a brave little guy too! I walked him (and Thomas) into school this morning and they both were all smiles! I asked Tyler if he wanted to walk with me to his classroom or if he wanted to wait in the hall with Thomas. He chose to wait with Thomas. :0( I walked down the hall to his class and gave Mrs. Deans his school supplies. As I walked out of the classroom and looked down the hall I could see two of babies standing there looking all grown up. I stood with the kids for a minute. The bell rang off they went. Thomas put his arm around his brother and walked him to class. My heart about burst with pride and my eyes filled with tears.. (sob sob) As it turns out Tyler had a great day and he can't wait to go tomorrow!

Monday, August 25, 2008

The Official 2nd Grader

Thomas started his 2nd grade school year today. He got out of bed without any problems. He got up, got dressed, ate his breakfast, brushed his teeth, and put on his shoes without me raising my voice one time. It was AMAZING. I hope the rest of the school year goes this easy. I walked him into school today and he even held my hand. I know it won't be long before he will be ditching me @ the curb. Tyler will have his big day tomorrow... If I can ever get him to sleep...

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Night Before School....

Twas the night before school starts and all through our home
The kids were excited who would have known.

Uniforms are pressed and ready to go
It will be morning before you know.

The bookbags and lunch boxes have carefully been packed
I just hope that these items make it back.

The boys are all ready to start their big day
I hope they remember so they don't loose there way.

They can't wait to ride the big yellow bus
I ask them real nicely to try not to fuss.

I warned them to listen and not be a fool
It is the begining of new year of fantastic school!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Open House

The family headed out to school tonight to meet Thomas and Tyler's teacher. Thomas' teacher was very nice. She gave each boy an activity book. The boys really liked them a lot. Thomas already has some friends in his class from last year which will be nice for him. She was very informative about his schedule. I like to know the who, what, when and where... Tyler's teacher was very nice as well. Tyler just grinned ear to ear when he walked into the classroom. He is so excited about school. As it turns out, one of his t-ball team members is in his class. So he already has a friend! His teacher had all sorts of information as well. The coolest part of all is Thomas and Tyler's classrooms are right beside each other. In fact they are joined by a bathroom. There is a small hallway that has windows in it in between the rooms. They will actually see each other from time to time. How cool is that?
Tanner received a note from his Montessori teacher today. He will have open house one night next week. All the boys are looking forward to the start of school. Let's just hope that the feeling lasts..... :0)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Rookie Ball here we come!

Thomas had his first Rookie ball practice this afternoon. This was his first experience with the pitching machine. That thing really throws a ball - FAST! We have to buy him a new bat, cup (yikes!) a face guard for his helmet and a batting glove. When it was his turn to bat, he walked up to the plate with all the confidence in the world. He took a couple of swings and the coach switched his bat (too small - ie; new bat). He took a few more swings (nice ones) and then SMACK the ball hit him right on the hand(ie; new glove - he thinks that it won't hurt if this happens again)! I was a good mommy and let the coaches tend to him. He was a champ and took a few more swings. He never did make contact with the ball, but that will come in time... I hope. Over all he did well. Some of the other boys are really great ball players. I was really impressed. I hope Thomas enjoys this team as much as he enjoyed the T-ball team. I will be snapping pictures soon so stay tuned.....

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Back from Florida

Well, we made it back from Florida early Monday evening. We were greeted with 3 smiling faces - or should I say dirty faces! The boys were really excited that we were home. My parents stayed here @ our house so the boys could sleep in their own beds and play with all there stuff. They had a great time with Nana and Pop-Pop. Thanks Mom and Dad - you are at the best!
Rebecca, Steven, Frank and myself made the trip down to Florida safely! (Thank the Good Lord!) Steven and Rebecca moved into a beautiful home. The area is really nice and not too far from town. I think they will like it there a lot. There is plenty to do. Steven had arranged for a couple of guys to come over on Saturday and help unload the U-Haul trucks. They worked very efficiently and we were able to get most of the unloading done before the rain started. Rebecca and I started to unpack the essentials. We managed to get all the towels and sheets put away and all the beds made. We all went out for a nice relaxing dinner. On Sunday, we slept in for a while and stared all over again. We managed to get them "most" of the way settled before we left on Monday morning. We had a teary eyed good-bye and hit the road. Frank and I didn't even turn on the radio the whole way back to NC. We got to talk a lot - something we normally can't do in the car - due to screaming kids. It was nice to have some quiet time with him. We are now back into the steal a moment of peace and quiet when we can - and I wouldn't have it any other way.... :0)

Thursday, August 14, 2008


I have been at my mother in laws packing for the big move to Florida. There is still so much to do. I hope it can all get done. Rebecca (mother-in-law) has to get a cortisone shot in her knee tomorrow so she won't be able to get around much in the afternoon. I imagine we are going to have along night....
I went to the doctor today myself. I woke up this mornring around 4:00am and I had a migraine headache. I have also been experiencing some pain in my stomach radiating up to my throat. I was prescribed some anti acid medicine. I hope it works. This is an awful feeling. Please say a little prayer that my body gets back to normal soon.
I got to play with Mattie yesterday afternoon for a little while. She is so darn cute I can't stand it. I swear I could just squeeze her to death! I just love her so much. She was just a talking to me. And that smile... She will melt you heart.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Another Monday

Well today was definitely a Monday! It started with a headache early this morning, then I over slept a bit and I was late for work. That doesn't happen a whole lot thank goodness! Grammy and Grandpa brought Tanner back this morning and picked Thomas up for his special night. The trend for the special night has been to visit the Krispy Kreme doughnut shop! The boys love to watch the doughnuts being made. I will be heading over to the in-laws tomorrow to help them get the last minute stuff all packed up. Frank's mom called me today and asked for some help. She sounded very stressed. I look forward to spending some time with her before she leaves. Everyone say a little prayer that we get to Florida safely. We will leave on Friday morning. I will update as soon as I can.
Until next time.....

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Another week-end....

Another week-end has come and gone.... We took off to the beach again on Saturday and we all had a great time! The water was like bath water, and the waves were just right for the boys. We managed to get some shopping done today. We were finally successful in finding some shorts for the boys for school. It's a good thing because school starts in just two weeks. Is so hard to believe that they have to go back already. Summer vacation is just too short!

Tanner is having his special night with Grammy and Grandpa. Thomas will stay sometime this week. It is hard to believe that they will be moving this week-end. Frank and I will be helping them out. They have quite a bit to move and it is a long drive to get to Florida! It will be kind of weird not having them just around the corner....

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Tyler got to spend last night with Grammy and Grandpa. They will be moving to Florida in a couple weeks, so each of the kids will get to spend some one on one time with them. It stinks that they will be so far away. I am sure there will be some “road trips” down there. Last night, Frank and I (along with Tanner and Thomas) went in search of uniform shorts - there are none to be found in this town. Frank says we will have to go somewhere else to find some. They are even sold out on-line! It is horrible. While we were out last night, Tanner got a new “ipod”. Actually, it is a “Transformer” (like Optimus Prime and Megatron) radio with ear buds. It was a whopping $ 2.97 purchase. He thinks he is hot stuff. You should have seen him walking around the house. You couldn’t tell him anything! He even listened to it while he was on the potty! LOL! We are making some slow progress in the potty department. I hope it continues…. Keep you fingers crossed!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

It has been a while....

It has been a while since I have posted. The family has been really busy lately. We have gone camping a few more times and had several day trips to the beach. The boys are getting all geared up for school. Tyler is so excited he can hardly stand himself. I remember what it was like when I started Kindergarten (it was a LONG time ago LOL). I could hardly sleep the night before the first day of school. I just pray that he stays excited about school and learning. Thomas is pretty excited about being a 2nd grader. They both look forward to riding the school bus home in the afternoon. Tanner thinks he is just hot stuff. He will be attending Montessori all by himself this year. Neither of his brothers will be there with him. He will get all the girls to himself! Our school system has adopted the school uniform policy this year. I am okay with school uniforms; it is just the “colors” each school has. Our choices are black, red or white shirt, and of course khaki, navy or black shorts/pants. I am having a difficult time finding shorts for my boys. I have searched all over town with no luck for shorts. I will have to order online and pray that they fit….
Thomas went to the orthodontist today for a consultation. The entire staff was very nice. We will be visiting another office next week. Frank and I will make a decision as to where we will take him after that. We want the best care for our kids! :0) He will definitely have to wear braces, and most likely his mouth will need to be stretched to accommodate his teeth. It doesn’t sound like much fun. My best friend
Kim’s daughter Abby has the same issue. She seems to be adjusting okay right now, but they really are just getting started. Any, I have to run for now…. I will check in later…


Saturday, August 2, 2008

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