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Hello, My name is Tracey. I am a wife, sister, daughter, and mother of three. I have taken photos of my children and family members for years. My love for photography became a passion when I received my first 35mm SLR from my wonderful husband for my 1st Mothers Day. Nothing captures a moment in time like a photograph. It is my desire to capture images that reflect life's moments as you remember it.


Thomas is our first born son. He loves to swim, ride bikes, skate board, and body board. He loves to read and does well in school. He was named after my Dad. He is known as "The Ladies Man" at school. Chicks dig him!


Tyler is our "smiley" second child. He is very loving and sweet. His tries to use his smile to keep him out of trouble. He enjoys riding his bike, making sand castles, skate boarding, and sports. His smiling face will win your heart.


Tanner is our baby of the family. He loves to play with his big brothers and will try (and most of the time succeed) to do everything that his big brothers do! He has the funniest expressions. He is a good little fellow and a Mama's Boy.

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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Day

We had a wonderful Christmas this year. My little Tanner was sick with a fever which started Christmas Eve and all day Christmas day. Poor guy, he slept 4 hours on Christmas day. He is feeling much better now . Any how, we missed Rebecca and Steven (in-laws) as they are living in Florida now and were not able to make the trip home for Christmas. We still had a house full - full of family and full of love. My parents, my sister Many, my sister Stevie and her fiance Brock, Ms. Nancy(Steven's mother), and Steven's Uncle Joe and Aunt Jean were all here to celebrate Christmas. We had a nice brunch which consisted of way too much food, and opened gifts. The boys were so excited to see that Santa had brought them what they asked for. They got a Nintendo DS and a Wii. That is all that they asked for - good thing because the elves couldn't build them any more gifts! LOL. We all enjoyed the day - I just wished it could have lasted a little bit longer...

We sprinkled Reindeer food out- it consists of oatmeal and glitter. The glitter makes the oatmeal "sparkle" so the Reindeer can see it from the sky.

Here are the boys in their new jamimies. I normally get them Christmas jammies, but I couldn't find any this year. I think they liked these better!

Tanner - not feeling up to taking pictures.

Cookies for Santa.

Aunt Stevie passing out gifts.

The aftermath.... Sad - I know. But it was Christmas!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas...

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Wordless Wednesday

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Baking Time

I have been busy for the last several days wrapping Christmas gifts and baking cookies. The boys enjoy helping with some of their favorites. Here are few pics of our baking time...

If you get the chance, take a peek at the vidoes I created from the
Here are the links:

Friday, December 19, 2008

Tanner's Christmas Program

Tanner's Christmas program was held last Monday night. The kids had really good time. Thomas, and Tyler got to spend a few minutes talking with their old teachers. Here is a little clip of my little Tanner....

Computer on the Fritz...

It has been almost an entire week since I got to post last. A virus has attacked my laptop and hubby has been working form the desk top -therefore I haven't been able to post. Anyhoo...

I was looking at my Christmas tree the other night watching it spin around and around. (I was bored okay LOL). I stood up at started looking at all the ornaments on our tree. It is tradition for our family that we buy each child a new ornament as well as a family ornament. What sweet memories they bring back every time I look at them. It is funny to watch our family "grow" year after year. Here are a few from past years....

Just me and Frank 1999 ( the year we were married)

2001 - Thomas was our new addition!

2002 Tyler joined our family!

2004 we were blessed with one more little boy - Tanner.

2005 - Try something new - not bears LOL

I really like this one... the stockings are too cute!

This years family ornament - Snowflakes!

There were a couple of years skipped on this entry - but they hang proudly one my tree!
I wonder what we do next year....

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Week-end Update

We had a very busy week-end. On Thursday night Thomas and Tyler got sing at school. Here is a small video of the event. The footage is not great, but the boys were on the other side of the gym from where we had to sit. As you will see Tyler (red shirt) gets into his movements. It is funny. You will see Thomas, getting into his song as well. The 3rd scene is from Thomas' first "play" at school on Friday. He was so proud. He was Dingle the elf.

On Saturday, Kim and I got the kids up and hit the mall. What the kids did not know was that we were going to eat breakfast with Santa Claus. Each child received a stuff "cow" as a gift. Only the first 50 kids got a gift so we got there early. Here are few pictures of the day.

Tanner, Tyler, and Thomas with Santa.

The kids enjoyed watching the bears sing. (after camera story see below).

Smiling kids.
Santa's Castle in the mall.
While we were there, we decided to do a little shopping. We stopped by store #1 and Kim picked up a gift for Abby. I decided to stand at the front of the store and watch the kids. (all 5 of them). We then ventured to store #2 and then store #3. We headed down the mall to Santa's castle (pictured above) and I noticed that I did not have my camera! Panic set it in. I was ready to cry. I just got my camera last Christmas, it is a Pentax K100 D -in other words not cheap. I ran down the mall to store #3. I asked the lady at the counter if she saw my camera. Her answer was no. I then ran to store #2. The answer was the same. I began to cry. Tears just a flowing. Frank was going to KILL me. I stopped the security guards and told them what was going on. They called customer service and asked if anyone had turned a camera in. They came back with a negative. I then made the phone call to Frank. I told him my camera was gone. He said nothing. I knew he was mad, but he knew I was more upset than he was mad. He told me to walk down to Customer Service and give them my name and number in case someone turned it in. On the way to the Customer Service counter, I stopped by store #1. I walked in and asked the lady at the counter if someone happened to find a camera. She said YES! I could not believe it. Some stranger was nice enough to turn in my camera to the sales clerk. They had hidden it behind the counter. I told her what kind of camera it was and she dug deep into a cabinet and pulled it out. I was in shock!! So we can still have faith that there are some kind people in this world. Thank-you to the stranger who was honest enough to give my camera to the sales clerk. I immediately called Frank and told him. I was so relived. At this point we found the Security Guard and told him that we had found it. He said he had already stopped someone who happened to have a camera around the neck and checked it out. Thank you Lord! :0)

Me and the boys then came home. We had a little snack and I finally got around to putting up another Christmas tree. This is the Mommy tree. I call it the Mommy tree because it has pretty flowers on it. The boys could care less about this one! LOL

Here is our family Christmas tree. We put this up a couple of weeks ago. This tree has all of our favorite Christmas ornaments we have collected through out the years. We reflect on lots of good memories while putting up this tree. The really neat thing about this tree is, that it spins. It slowly turns around and around... You can see all the ornaments on the tree. The boys LOVE it.

Today, Frank, the boys, myself along with Kim, Matt, and the girls went to see The Polar Express at the Imax Theater. Seeing this movie in 3D is AWESOME. The kids really enjoy this yearly outing. We have seen this movie at the Imax every year since Tanner has been born. It is one of our family traditions. It was really great to have Kim and her family join us this year. We all had a really great day!

Photo Award...

Alisha from Izzy 'N Emmy gave me her Capture award for last weeks Wordless Wednesday. This is my first photography award. Thanks so much for the recognition Alisha! Everyone should take a peek at her blog. She has the most precious little girls.


Created By Alisha

I will be updating about our week-end soon. Stay tuned. We were very busy. We had alot of fun!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Pictures of my Boys

Last night Tyler and Thomas had their little Christmas Show at school. The boys got sing and dance with their classmates. While I had all 3 boys dressed, I snapped some pictures. I will be using these on our Christmas cards! I have some handsome little boys! Check em out!

I will try to post some video of the boys singing later. The video was not great because they were so far away! But that is another story!