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Thomas is our first born son. He loves to swim, ride bikes, skate board, and body board. He loves to read and does well in school. He was named after my Dad. He is known as "The Ladies Man" at school. Chicks dig him!


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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Still here...

Needless to say I have busy lately. I haven't had time to even get my laundry caught up so I haven't blogged in a couple in about a week. Here is the run down on what has been going on...

Layoffs: First I would like to say Thank-you to all of you who left kind comments of compassion during that very stressful time for me. Your thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated. God answered your prayers and spared my from being part of the layoffs. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you! :0)

My friend Matt made if home from the hospital and he is doing well. He has adjusted well so far to the new lifestyle changes that his diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes has brought him. He has kept his sugar right where it needs to be. My Dad is feeling a better now. His stomach pain has still not been diagnosed. He will be having a CT scan tomorrow and the endoscopy procedure as well. Hopefully this will reveal the source of his pain and it can be addressed. Please say a little prayer that all goes well.

Thanksgiving was great! My two Best Friends Kim and Kim along with their families joined my family (my sister Stevie, her fiance, and my parents) this year for Thanksgiving. My in-laws Rebbecca and Steven stayed in Florida for Thanksgiving. We cooked two turkeys and all the fixings and had a feast! I really enjoyed our day together. After lunch we dragged out all the sale papers and Kim and I mapped out our day for Black Friday. Kim and I brave the crowds every year together. We shop, listen to Christmas music and have breakfast. This has become a tradition that we do together each year. We get up early and stand in line outside of Toys R Us. I really enjoy spending this time with her. We always have such a great time!

The not so great part of Thanksgiving, was @ 6:00am I was putting the bird in the oven and I hear this faint call of Moooommyyyy~ Uh-Oh this can not be good. Well, it wasn't - Tanner had gotten sick in his bed. GREAT - I think. He has a stomach virus. As I get him settled and start to get kind of ill about the him being sick, I thought about how blessed I was to have my child to take care of. Even if he does have a stomach virus. There are lots of Mommies out there who would give anything to have their child with them now - even if they had to clean up vomit. I say a little prayer to God just tell him Thank-you for my beautiful family. Tanner slept for a little while. He seemed to get over it quickly and was able to eat lunch with the rest of us. Later that evening Tyler started up. He ended up sleeping on the couch that night and was feeling much better by morning...

Friday was also my Mom's 60th birthday. She and Dad came over and Frank, the boys and I took her out to dinner to celebrate. We had a really great time and we only waited for about 45 minutes. Not too bad for Black Friday! Tanner told the waitress that it was Nana's birthday, so the wait staff came out with a dessert and sang Happy Birthday.

By Saturday morning, the virus has made its way through the whole family. I felt like I had been run over by a truck. By Sunday, we were all back to normal. Thanks goodness. So that is a quick summary of what we have been up to lately!

I have two bloggy awards I will passing on soon!


One fried Turkey - Yummy! Thanks Matt & Frank!

OOPS! Someone forgot the giblets. ooo LOL!
Dad making gravy.

Blessing our food.

Mattie is munching down!!!!
On the Go Kim helping with the dishes!
Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

7 Shout Outs:

Anonymous said...

I always forget the gibblets!

All these B's and Me! said...

Them sneaky little gibblets! Getcha every dern time. :o) Glad to see a post from you - missed ya!

Maggie said...

I'm so glad to hear about all the great news - thanks so much for the updates! Glad your son is feeling better; that stomach bug is everywhere here. I have been blessed to stay well, but my boys are starting to cough and sniffle. Ugh, I hate being sick. It's no fun at all!

Your thanksgiving sounded wonderful!! We chowed down too - that food is SO delish. Glad you guys had a great holiday!!

You are ONE brave soul mapping out your Blk Friday. We went out just the one time to WM and I was frustrated beyond belief from all the people!! LOL

Kim said...

We had a wonderful time! The food was great. I really enjoyed the shopping too!

Bren said...

You have been busy! And we've forgotten the giblets before too. Hilarious!

4 Lettre Words said...

Isn't fried turkey the best!?!

Glad you had a good Thanksgiving, even if the boys were under-the-weather. It's so nice that you could see the silver lining in that situation!

My Three Sons said...

I'm so glad to hear about your job. And your friend and dad's health. Nothing but good news.

We all went through the stomach thing as well. Carson's lingered on for a week and it took me and Coltan about 3 days to finally feel better. So just like you, I didn't do much blogging as well.

Hope you guys have a great weekend.