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Friday, November 14, 2008

House Guest - Gone

I am sitting on my couch watching Grey's Anatomy minding my own business, and out of the corner of my eye see something. I look and there is nothing... A few minutes later I see it again - it was a MOUSE! Oh my God! I started to freak out! I am yelling for Frank (he is in the office working) - his solution was to set a trap out! I am like who me?? I finally get up enough nerve to run to the utility room (right past the sighting area). I get a trap out and slowly make my way back to the living room. There it was - staring at me! I yell and it starts to run. Now watching a mouse try to get traction on a slick hardwood floor is a bit comical - but not at that moment. The mouse ran into the half bath. I quickly shut the door. He is contained now. I can finally start to breathe again. Then Frank informs me that mice can squeeze between the gap of the door and the floor. Freaking out again - I quickly throw the mouse trap (the kind that the mouse "sticks" too - I have too many fingers that can get caught in the normal traps) in the bathroom. I KNOW that mouse is still in there. After all I have not taken my eyes off that door since I saw him run in there. I sit on the couch and turn the TV back on and start watching again. Then I hear this noise... it is coming from the bathroom door. The MOUSE! He was scratching at my door. I yell for Frank again and he finally comes to the living room. He thinks I am nuts I know We wait then he hears the mouse too. He bangs on the door (ummm why? I don't know). He opens the door and he sees nothing. Okay this is a small bathroom with a pedestal sink, toilet, and a small trash can. There aren't many places to hide. Frank puts 3 more traps right next to the door. He shuts the door. I go to bed in hopes that by morning we will no longer have a house guest. I lay there in bed hearing this mouse scratch and chew at the door. Frank finally gets up and heads to the bathroom. He has a broom, a garbage bag, and he dressed in boxers and shoes (too funny). I hear a few loud noises and some not so nice words coming from behind the door. I then hear a little squeak - and the door opens. Our house guest has been laid to rest. And out the door he went.
Look what the little thing did to my door!

I really like animals, but I do NOT want nasty little field mice in my house. We don't torture mice - we dispose of them in a quickest manner possible.

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My Three Sons said...

I'm right there with you girlfriend. No mice allowed in my house either. Just be glad you have Frank. I had to embarass myself last winter and have the neighbor come over. He still gives me grief and I keep reminding him that he will be my first phone call this year to!

Maggie said...

OMG, that little thing did some DAMAGE!! =S I am like you, mice freak me out!! Glad you got rid of your pesky intruder!!

I won't even tell you that if you see a mouse in your house that means there are probably more. Nope, not gonna tell you that. hee hee

Kim said...

He really did do some damage! Send his family the bill! Hee Hee! You know there are more of those things running around!BTW......those sticky things don't work. The mouse living in our house was very smart. We had to go to the old fashioned snap..snap. I hate those. You know me...I'm an animal lover but you gotta do what you gotta do!

Kim said...

wow that mouse really wanted to get out of the bathroom. I am glad that the house guest is gone too

Anonymous said...

That little mouse has teeth!!

Shana said...

I am glad he has left the building! I really hate mice! We had one at the old house and by the time we figured out that we had it, it had pooped in the drawer in my oven and had got into a box of rice. I scrubbed my whole kitchen! Even the can goods! YUCK!

Bren said...

Ick! I hate mice! Hate them. If they trespass, they will die in my house!