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Thomas is our first born son. He loves to swim, ride bikes, skate board, and body board. He loves to read and does well in school. He was named after my Dad. He is known as "The Ladies Man" at school. Chicks dig him!


Tyler is our "smiley" second child. He is very loving and sweet. His tries to use his smile to keep him out of trouble. He enjoys riding his bike, making sand castles, skate boarding, and sports. His smiling face will win your heart.


Tanner is our baby of the family. He loves to play with his big brothers and will try (and most of the time succeed) to do everything that his big brothers do! He has the funniest expressions. He is a good little fellow and a Mama's Boy.

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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Mistletoe Hunt..

Frank and I took the boys out to the woods on a hunt for mistletoe. We searched high and low (mostly high -really high). We found lots of mistletoe hanging in the tops of trees. None of it was with in reach so we decided to give up. On the way out what do we find?? Mistletoe and it was low enough that the boys could reach it without even being picked up! We grabbed some and pulled it down. Frank and I told them of the Christmas tradition of what you do when two people meet under mistletoe. They couldn't believe that you had to kiss! They were like oooo... It was too funny. When we got home, we gathered some of it together and wrapped red ribbon around it. We hung some over two doorways in our home. The boys would run through the doorway to avoid being kissed! Too funny! One day they will probably walk around holding it over their heads - just so they can be kissed.
We have another busy week ahead. I have LOTS of work to do. I hope to post again soon!

Head on over the My 3 Wisemans blog for a chance to win! She has some great giveaways planned during her Countdown to Christmas! See y'all later!


4 Shout Outs:

My Three Sons said...

That is too funny. I can see my boys doing the exact thing. After the long day I had, that was just what I needed.....a good laugh!

Anonymous said...

Dude, had no idea you could get mistletoe in the wild, seriously........
Hazard of living in Florida.

JennyH said...

I too, did not really know you could just go pick the stuff. How cool is that!

4 Lettre Words said...

WOW! I never even thought about going and getting it in the woods! It probably doesn't grow here, but that is just so cool!