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Friday, January 16, 2009

Ready to Take Back Your Closet???

Taking back my Closet!
Nancy over @ One Stop Boy Shop wants to Take Back Her Closet and so do I! I think a lot of us have set goals to loose weight. Nancy has started a forum to share recipes, encouragement, goals and what ever else is on your mind. I personally have to loose some weight so I don't feel like a cow standing next to my sister in April when she gets married. (BTW - she is like a size 6!) I started Weight Watcher last week and I lost 3 pounds! I am VERY excited about that. I get encouragement from a couple of my friends who are also, doing the WW thing. I have joined Nancy's forum as well. If you need some additional support, low calorie recipes or just need to someone who understands the struggles we sometime face just click the button above to register and Take Back Your Closet!

5 Shout Outs:

Anonymous said...

This is something that I really need to do I need to quite talking about loosing the extra pounds and do it. Congrats on the 3lbs.

heidi marie said...

what a neat site. thanks so much for sharing. and way to go on losing already. as for you sister i would start mailing brownies to her house. size 6, come on. i was a size 6 when i was probably 10. ;)

Nancy said...

Yes come and join us! I'm hoping if we all support each other, we'll each get a whole new wardrobe just by going into our closets! Thanks for posting about this and for participating with me. :D

Kim said...

I'll go check it out! And I do follow you....I checked. Look again.

Liz said...

Congrats...that is awesome...keep up the good work!